New Owner Checklist

Here are some quick tips and items you will need to consider and supply to us when leasing your property with HomeShield Property Management:

  1. Home Insurance: You will need to change your policy from a standard homeowners policy to a landlord policy. We will also need to be named as an additional insured on your policy. We will also need a copy of your current policy for our records.
  2. Add us as Additional Insured on your home insurance policy. THIS IS MANDATORY.
  3. Get a P.O. Box or Private Address: It is best to not have your property address listed on the property tax record but instead have a separate mailbox through a UPS store, Postal Annex etc. The last thing that you want is a disgruntled tenant knocking on your door. You will also need to update your address records with the county assessors office to ensure your primary home residence is not showing up on county records.
  4. HOA: You will need to update your new address with your HOA company. I would also recommend obtaining the most up-to-date copy of your HOA rules and CC&R’s. We will need to provide these to your new tenant. You will need to list us as your property manager with your homeowner's association and provide us their contact info.
  5. Utilities: Update all utility companies with your new address. Water, Sewer, Trash etc. typically are paid directly by the owner so that no liens will be put on your property in the event that a tenant does not pay these utilities. We will increase the rent to cover your utility costs.
  6. Parking, Rules & Codes: Condominium complexes and communities can have strict parking rules and regulations. We will need to provide our future tenants with these rules as well as any parking space numbers, gate code, garage codes or garage door openers and vehicle permits/stickers that an association or complex may require tenants to have.
  7. Security Alarms: If you have an alarm we will need to provide instruction and any codes associated with the alarm. We will also need to provide setup instructions with the alarm company so that they can transfer service.
  8. Keys: Make sure you have your own personal copy of all keys. We will need a copy of all house keys, mailbox keys, pool keys, storage keys, common area keys and any keys related to the property.
  9. Complete Our Onboarding Form: We will need you to complete our onboarding form and new owner questionnaire. This questionnaire is essential in making sure we have all the vital information about your property.
  10. Provide us a W-9 or W-8: If you are a U.S. Citizen you will need to provide us a completed and signed W-9 form.  If you are a foreign citizen a W-8.
  11. ACH Authorization Form: In order for us to directly wire you funds we will need our ACH Authorization form completed and signed.
  12. Blank Check Voided: We will need this for the account you'd like your rent monies deposited into.
  13. Copy of Government Issued ID

Once we have successfully completed your onboarding we will have everything we need to ensure your job as a landlord is over! Now you can relax and be free of all the worries and headaches managing rental properties brings. We are here for you and look forward to working with you for years to come while protecting your most important asset.

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