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Achieving top-notch results for our clients all starts with placing an amazing tenant. At HomeShield Property Management, we are able to find great tenants with our strategic marketing process and through and vigorous tenant screening practices. We go over and above when screening our prospective tenants so we are fully confident any tenant we place will be a great fit for our clients home.

Here is a quick summary of our Tenant Placement Process from start to finish:

Professional Photography & Video

Who cares if your property is visible online if the photos are horrible. Prospective tenants want to be excited about their future home. Dark and unprofessional photos will make prospective tenants in San Diego scroll right past your rental listing. We only hire Professional Photographers and Videographers for our rental listings. We do offer Video services to our clients as well. This is a great enhancement for your rental listing and it helps prospective tenants fully understand the layout and style of your home before even setting foot in the property.

Marketing & Showings

Your rental property will be listed on all of the major rental portals and websites. Not only on Zillow, Trulia, Hotpads and Craigslist but over 200 of our local and national rental websites. Let’s face it, having a strong online presence is the #1 marketing tactic for your property. We have this down and we will implement our online marketing strategy on your rental property. As calls come in we take them immediately or they can schedule online a time to view the home. We show all of our properties IN PERSON! We have found this is extremely important especially with tenants who are coming in from out of town. How will they know if there are great restaurants, parks, cafes or shops or what the neighborhood is like as a local if we are not present at the showings? We are there to market your rental property in person. Make sure to ask any company you interview if they personally show their rentals. We do and we take great pride in that!

Background & Screenings

Screening our tenants is where we shine. We take a multifaceted approach when conducting our background and credit checks. We partnered with the best and most thorough background check and credit screening company in California. While most property managers look at application fees as a profit center and try to find the cheapest vendor we got the opposite route and pay 2x’s as much for our background and credit checks. Why? Because you do not want a basic screen and our screenings require much more than just pushing a button and receiving a limited credit report and criminal history report. Being in California we need to be extremely thorough as most screening companies only go one layer deep while we find issues that other screening companies would never uncover with their limited and basic searches.

Lease Preparation & Review

Once we find the perfect fit for your property we prepare and draft a solid lease and all the mandatory California disclosures needed to be in compliance with California laws. Our lease is tried and true and protects you and your property to the fullest extent of the law while making sure we respect and abide by all local and state laws. We also sit down with your future tenant and thoroughly go through every portion of the lease and any addendums outlining any additional fees or cautions they must take when leasing your home. Our leases are watertight and we have sculpted them over the years to be the best in the industry in California.

Moving Day & Move-in Meeting

We’ve leased your property we are done now right? NO! We met with the tenant on the day of move into hand over all keys and items associated with the home. We complete a full Move-In form with photos and video of the condition of your property on the day of move in. The tenant also signs off on this so there is no confusion as to what the property looked like when they took possession. We also deliver a New Tenant goodie bag full of helpful local resources & info and some fun items to help them with their Move-In. We have found that this touch really makes your tenant happy to start their new chapter in your rental property.

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