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Looking for Property Management in Clairemont & Bay Park, CA?

Clairemont and Bay Par are two neighboring communities in San Diego. If you’re considering owning property in this area, here’s what you should know.

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Clairemont and Bay Park, San Diego Overview

Clairemont is known for its urban feel and local amenities. There’s an abundance of ethnic restaurants and coffee houses in the area, which appeals to the high population of young adults.

Situated south of the University of San Diego, many college kids live in Clairemont Mesa and help to fuel the economy. However, it is also closely north of attractions like SeaWorld San Diego and Mission Bay Boardwalk, which makes it appealing to families and couples.

Exploring Clairemont Mesa, San Diego, CA Real Estate

Properties in Clairemont Mesa can range from apartments and townhouses to large family houses. The median home value in the area is $580k, but property can range anywhere from $300k to over $800k. As a real estate investor, you’ll have plenty to choose from here.

What’s more, since many millennials live in the area, there’s a huge demand for rental property right now. You’ll find it easy to meet the perfect tenants in Clairemont Mesa.

Finding Property Management in Clairemont Mesa, San Diego

If you’ve decided to invest in Clairemont Mesa property, the next step is to find property management in the area. While you may be capable of juggling property maintenance and real estate tasks on your own, it will take up a lot of your time.

HomeShield Property Management is here to help. We’re a locally-trusted team specializing in property management in Clairemont Mesa, San Diego. Since we’re highly experienced in San Diego real estate, we know exactly how to make any type of property thrive.

Don’t be a slave to your investment; choose HomeShield Property Management to save time.



  1. 28 DAY LEASE GUARANTEE: If we can’t lease your property in 28-Days or less we will waive our first month's management fee.
  2. ON-TIME RENT GUARANTEE: If you receive your rent late we will waive 1 month of management fees.
  3. CANCEL ANYTIME GUARANTEE: All of our management contracts can be canceled at any time. No questions asked!
  4. PET PROTECTION GUARANTEE: If we place a pet in your property and they cause damage we will cover the cost up to $1000 above the deposit amount.
  5. EVICTION PROTECTION GUARANTEE: If we place a tenant and they need to be evicted we will cover the cost up to $1500.
  6. COMMUNICATION GUARANTEE: If you contact us via phone or email and we do not return your call within 24 hours we will waive one month of management fees.

Discover our

Professional property management for your investment

Property Marketing

Our marketing team utilizes a number of powerful techniques to find the right tenant for your home. We work quickly to fill your vacancy.

Tenant Screening

Every interested applicant must meet our screening guidelines to be considered for one of our rental homes. We carefully review every application we receive to keep you protected.

Rent Collection

Get your monthly payments on time with our accounting support on your side. We handle all invoicing, followup, and funds collection. Your earnings are deposited directly to your bank.


Keeping your home healthy shouldn't mean sacrificing your weekend to a repair task list. Let us handle maintenance on your behalf; we keep tenants happy & your property in good shape.

Property Condition Reports

We schedule frequent walkthrough condition reports to make certain your tenants are taking care of your home. These visits also give us the chance to enforce the lease & correct potential problems.

Financial Reporting

Our team creates detailed statements for you each month, making it easy to track your financial performance. Sign into your account at any time for a comprehensive overview.

Why Choose HomeShield Property Management?

We Focus ON Great Communication

Our goal is to quickly address concerns and questions from our property owners and proactively work to keep them in the loop. We work tirelessly to ensure you're home performs at the highest possible level.

Technology Keeps Us Connected

At HomeShield Property Management, we use a suite of sophisticated tech tools to stay operating at the top of our game. Our account portals provide near-instant access to our team and we accept online rent payments & repair requests.

Our Team Provides Top Tier Service

Unlike some property managers that try to do the bare minimum to get by, we aim to set the standard for customer service. We always go the extra mile to meet the needs of our clients and we are passionate about seeing you succeed.

We Put Honesty First

We want to build mutually beneficial relationships with our clients, built on a foundation of trust and transparency. With us, what you see is what you get. We don't try to pull the wool over your eyes to make a dollar at your expense.




"I needed a property manager that genuinely cared about my property, would move fast and would be responsive to tenants inquiries. Mike at HomeShield gets it. He's tech-savvy and really easy to talk to. His entire approach from start to finish was well thought out and he quickly was able to secure amazing tenants for our home in Bay Park. HomeShield Property Mangement and Mike have been a pleasure to work with. Thanks, Mike!"



"I hired homeshield property management to lease out a condo of mine that I was not planning on leasing as an investment property. I was worried about the possible damage and headache of getting the home leased out but Mike made the entire process painless and enjoyable. I now have an awesome tenant and Mike takes care of everything."

Andrew Grubb


"I purchased an investment townhome from Mike and I thought I could handle the leasing and management on my own. I was wrong! What a time suck and distraction from my own business. I hired Mike at HomeShield and within 8 days we had multiple tenants. I haven't had any problems (2 years later) and I'm saving money by not wasting time chasing rent or trying to find a good handyman or plumber. Thank you, Mike and HomeShield Property Management."



"Mr. Mora has been managing a property of mine for almost two years now. I have had a few different companies manage this particular property over the years. Mike has surpassed all the previous management companies that I have done business with. The transition from the previous services to his was seamless.

I’ve had issues in the past due to the age of the property. Mike has been a great buffer between the off hours calls and my family life. I appreciate all that his company has done for my family and me."

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